Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What About That Voice?

Early in The Calling, the concept of a small voice inside that guides the purple martins to migrate is introduced.  The reader quickly extends this "calling" to himself, as a human, and the gut (instinct or guidance?). 

I think we have all at some point experienced The Calling.  It's a feeling, like bees swarming in the intestine, or in the heart, or in the head.  It's a whispering, an idea that won't leave, a phrase you keep hearing perhaps: "do this, do this."  And you think, is this me?  Or is this a calling?

As I have experienced callings, they're pretty hard to pin-point.  I have learned that sometimes the gut is responding to inaccurate interpretations.  For example, you heard that someone is a murderer, and your GUT tells you to leave his presence.  Well, it obeyed your head, that's all.  Other times, though, you have not heard that someone is a murderer and your gut tells you to leave, and most likely, there's good reason.

I believe it's important to test The Calling.  If we did every single thing we thought we were being guided to, we might all be dead.  But if we ask ourselves, where is this coming from?  Have I devised this?  If so, what purpose does it serve?  Should I listen?  What are the consequences of doing this?  What are the consequences of not doing this?  Can I stand to live tomorrow without doing this?  (If your answer is "no" to that one, it's definitely a type of calling!)

I've found The Calling to be like waves, coming, going, not always carrying you somewhere, sometimes just nudging.


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