Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I think my favorite character in the book has to be Backus. I'm not sure his character is modeled after anyone I know. I never really had a grandfather in my life, but I suppose he represents what I would have wanted in one. When we first meet him in the story he seems to be crusty and even a bit of prude. He is serious about his role as a leader in the colony and expects everyone to understand how important he is.

Even though he may have some not-so-lovable characteristics, I still find myself really liking him. I think its because he really believes in who he is, and that makes it easier to believe in him. And, of course, in the end, his true character is revealed. I mean when he . . . Oh, wait, I don't want to give that much of the story away! I guess you better get to reading!

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  1. I like Backus Too. He exudes a sense of authority, that even as a reader you can't deny.

    And yes, He definitely knows who he is, and even with a hard exterior, he does have an soft interior and this book shows that so well.

    Cheers on a great read!